Friday, August 31, 2007

HSKS 3 - Questions for my Swap Partner

As requested, here is some additional info about me for the HSKS 3 swap... I'm looking forward to getting to know you (and the rest of the swappers).

For the kit bag:
Would you prefer knitted or sewn? No particular preferences - whatever motivates your creativity. I just love handmade items and the creativity and effort that go into them.

Do you want the Harry Potter/Gryffindor theme to be discrete or screaming? Again - I'm flexible--- up to you.

Are you most interested in a bag to hold just your sock project or one that can hold more than one project? I think I would like a bag to hold a single smaller project that I could put inside my purse or tote. I like to take socks, mittens or hats along with me to work on at lunch or out and about if I'm waiting somewhere. I currently don't have anything to hold them nicely with some notions -- I just throw them in Ziplocs which has pluses and minuses.

For the socks:
Would you like an easy sock pattern with self-striping yarn?Do you want any cables or lace?
Flexible - I would consider myself a beginner to intermediate sock knitter. So not anything to complex yet. I love cables - not a huge fan of lace in socks. I'd like to learn how to do socks from the toe up. Love any kind of striped or variegated yarns. I'm a sucker for color.

What are your following foot measurement: around the ball of your foot (8"), around the arch of your foot (8.25"), around the smallest part of your ankle (8"), length from toe to back of heel (8.75"), length from the floor to where you want the sock to stop on your leg (7"). Also if it helps, I wear a US women's size 5.5 to 6.0 shoe.

For the needles and such:

Which would be your preferred method: socks on double points, sock on two circulars, sock on one large circular needle 'magic loop style' Currently, I've done DPNs - - But I'm learning 2 circulars and that may become my preferred method. I haven't tried Magic loop yet.

Do you prefer wood, plastic or metal needles? I like wood or metal. My current love is Addi Turbo's but I'd like to try Lantern Moon or one of the other woods besides Clover Bamboo. I like exploring new things. Not a big fan of plastic - I just don't like the feel or movement of the yarn on them.

Do you like dangling stitch markers or non-dangling? Either -- I like both depending on the project - just not so big that they slide all over the needles.

Misc:Favorite music? Book? Food? Treats? Any allergies? Wow -- these are tough ones.
I have eclectic music tastes -- I like everything from classical (Beethoven, Mozart, etc) to pop (Maroon 5, Train, Nora Jones, Anna Nalick, etc.) and on from there.

Huge book fan - I love to read and love books on tape (so I can listen on my way to work or as I knit). I like mysteries, romance, anything with a good story that you can get lost in. As well as knitting and quilt books - I love looking at them and turning patterns and ideas into something uniquely my own (even if I didn't originally intend it that way :O)). My favorite author is probably Nora Roberts. I think Barnes & Noble is my second home or was that the LYS - it's hard to tell sometimes.

Food/Treats - Coffee and tea first and foremost. Love Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, Black, white and green teas - Not a big sweets person. I prefer hard candies to chocolate (I know shocks and scares most people). Half the time - I'd rather have a salad than a plate of desert. Cheesecake factory cheesecakes and carrot cake are the exception to that rule. LOL.

Allergies - lots of environmental allergies, but nothing to worry about (molds, dust, pollens, feathers, that kind of thing).

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Devin said...

Your Friendly Prefect, checking in. Those were some intense questions. I only knit socks from the toe up (the idea of gussets intimidates me). But, I got a cuff down pattern from my partner last term, so I'll be trying that way as soon as I finish all the other stuff that I have on my needles, or in my waiting list.