Sunday, September 2, 2007

HSKS 3 - Gryffindor Contest

Devin, our wonderful Gryffindor prefect, sent out a contest for our House tonight. It is a crossword puzzle with Hogwarts triva. It was really interesting to try and remember all the different nuances from the books/movies. I have to say the hardest thing for me was making sure that I spelled everything correctly. LOL I think the hardest question was what characteri is left out of the movies. It took me forever to think of this one (can't tell you until the puzzle is released to everyone).

It's been a really good weekend here. Lots of volleyball with the Hubby's team - makes for good knitting time. Plus, we decided at the spur of the moment to reorganize our office/craft and spare bedrooms. We moved the office furniture into the spare bedroom for my husband to use and purchased 2 shelving units and a 2x3 cube unit that I'm going to put canvas baskets on to hold all my fabric and yarn stash! It looks pretty good. Don't you think?? (ok - just imagine there are coordinated baskets with all the fabric, yarn, stuff stashed away AND if you are my Swap Partners - see the lovely USPS Flat rate boxes -- lots of goodies are being accumulated for mailing ;O)).

I just need to order baskets for the 2 shelves since I'll need 20-25... I feel so good about the whole thing - so motivated to start and finish a few projects. I did the prototype for my HSKS 3's kit/project bag. It turned out pretty good - though a little smaller than I wanted. I'm going to resize and do another tomorrow in my "new" room.


Anonymous said...

Love the organization - I may borrow some of your ideas. It's been crazy to try and organize empty space - I have an empty, large room that is just waiting for me to paint and fill with my fabric and yarn, but I haven't made it much past cleaning it. Your space looks great! SP

Kati said...

Thanks - I'm really pleased with how it is turning out. It is so much more motivating to use all the wonderful supplies I have, when you can get to what you want.

Good luck to you with your room. They really are wonderful when they function the way you want.

KnittyWitty said...

Hey Kati, I used to live in Lockport but now I have moved to North Carolina. How's the weather up there?

Kati said...

That seems to be a pretty popular move these days. My brother and his financee are thinking about moving to NC as well. How do you like it?

The weather is actually pretty fabulous here right now. We've had a very warm and dry summer. There is a bit of a chill in the air during the mornings and evenings as we move into Fall. But I love the changing of the seasons (ask me in Jan/Feb - I'll probably have a different answer though. LOL).

Bobbi said...

Your new work room looks good too. Doesn't it feel good to have earned that orange bead!?!

Deb said...

I wanted to join this swap but I felt like an idiot since I am one of few people on the earth who has no desire to read these books or see the movies. LOL I just love socks and give me any reason and I am there!