Thursday, October 11, 2007


I just noticed that I've now had more than 1500 website visits to my blog! Wow, who knew - So we'll have to start a contest. I'll work on some prizes this weekend. Any contest ideas - other than a random number generator?

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evergreenknits said...


A lot of the blog contests I've seen involve leaving comments on a particular theme (I can't quite tell if that's what you were doing with the fall theme - it's a beautiful one, though!), and then you pick your favorite. Others have had photo contests, also sometimes around a theme. I've seen others where you have people send in an email or a postcard to enter a random drawing.

I think contests are fun anyway you do it!

And please let me know when you finalize your contest - I started a new blog that's meant to spread the word about knitting contests (it's called WiKnit) . Thanks, and good luck!