Tuesday, October 9, 2007

SP 11 Package!

Holy Cow - a three post day. It has been a bit crazy, but I just couldn't wait to post about the package I received from my Secret Pal 11 swap pal today. She is absolutely fabulous - not just because of the lovely gifts. I've really enjoyed conversing with her via email. That is my favorite part of the swaps. My upstream and downstream pals have been really fun to get to know.

So without much further ado - here is my SP package #1 yummy goodness...

Beautifully packaged - I was so excited that I almost didn't know where to begin.


Book wrapped in fabric - double whammy!

"tool" box - with pull open drawers - how cool is this?!? I've got to find more of these.
100_3317 100_3318

The 3 P's = Post-it, Peppermints & Paper-

Last, but not least - Yarnny Goodness - 2 skeins of Trendsetter Segue (ribbon yarn)

She really took the time to pick-out things that are complete me! Wow, I have so many ideas streaming through my mind with all the goodies that she sent. Purse lining or a tool kit with the fabric, and oh so many knitting projects from the Romantic Knits book. I skimmed through it and found numerous projects that I want to try - I'm going to add some to my Ravelry queue tonight. I also saw that one of the patterns calls for ribbon yard (holiday shawl) and they talk about how the yarn came from Buffalo, NY. Which is so cool because that's where my husband's family is from. I may try the gigi scarf with the ribbon yarn, but we'll see - I don't want to pick too quickly. I'm a goof - it is so lovely that i want to pick just the right thing. Peppermints - old fashioned ones to boot - I can't wait to eat them. I'm going to have to hide them before my Dad comes to visit - otherwise I won't get them all to myself.

Thank you very very much secret pal!

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Dorothy said...

I'm originally from the Buffalo area! I get so excited to run into people with connections there. I've been wanting to check out the Romantic Handknits Books, but now I definitely will!