Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clean Bill of Health

Well since I don't seem to knit or sew much these days - I'll do an update on the other stuff going on. I had my first "official" baby doctor appointment today and got a clean bill of health other than a low iron count (which is completely normal for me). Yeah! We get more excited everyday. The morning sickness is finally easing off and I'm just tired all the time.

pregnancy due date

We had a real estate agent come over to take a look at our house this week. He doesn't think we'll have any trouble selling it and we expect to try and get it listed in a couple of weeks. We just need to do some paint touch-ups, clean-up the yard and pack-away most of our stuff and furniture. I have a storage container on its way next week. Thankfully, our friends and family have been a huge help already. My Dad is on his way today to pack-up things for me while I'm at work. He's fabulous - he knows how tired I've been lately and they are having a garage sale in two weeks - so he's taking all of my decluttering with him. Let the chaos begin! We will start to aggressively look for a new house as soon as ours is listed for sale. I'm excited! I really love looking at houses. It is always so interesting to see what's out there and what "crazy" things people have done to their homes. So if any of you locals - know of a good house coming on the market with an acre or larger lot on the east side - please let me know...

Once we get the house ready to go - maybe I can start the baby quilt that I want to do for the nursery. I just have to find the energy! I've had the kit set aside for a year or so - I found it at a shop hop last year with my Mom and loved it so much that I set it aside and saved it. I really want to do a mural on the nursery walls based on it. It is a pallet of colors that is pretty modern - it runs a blend of traditional pastels to full color brights that have a quieter tone to them with all kinds of bugs, butterflies, snails, etc. It's really adorable. I'll try to post a picture soon.


Bookish Wendy said...

My parent's friends are putting theirs on the market v. soon. It's a great house - we would have seriously considered it if we were still look. There is a creek in back and the lot is lovely. They have done some work to it and it's in great shape. Let me know if you want more details. ;)

Emma Wigworthy said...

Hi Morgana!
I'm 'rooming' with you when I stay at Hogwarts. Thought I'd drop by to introduce myself. Don't forget to look at the HSKS blog - there's a Ravenclaw puzzle that was posted there a few days ago you might like to try (fairly easy).