Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're moving!

Finally, we are making some progress on the house front! Every time we've thought things were progressing another road block popped up. We were supposed to be ready to closing the week of Sept 15th. However, our attorney discovered that the sellers of the house we purchased filed for Bankruptcy in 2005 and their attorney did not file the necessary release form with the Bankruptcy court. So we've been on hold for the last few weeks, as we've waited for the Bankruptcy Trustee and Judge to sign off on the release of the house. Yesterday - we received the fabulous news that we are scheduled to close on Tuesday afternoon!! Though it will be absolutely nutty - I feel like we are finally making progress and a huge weight has lifted. Particularly, since we are supposed to close on our current home on October 17th and this upcoming weekend would be the last "weekend" that we could move. Our friends are helping out and if we had been forced to move during the week it would have been difficult with everyone at work. It will be nutty, but manageable. We can't move on Saturday because my husband coaches HS Varsity Volleyball and has a tournament all day and I am 4 hours away in Northern NY for my 1st baby shower in my hometown. Nothing like trying to cram it all in. So - Sunday it is! Thank goodness it's a Buffalo Bills By-Week.

I'll try to post some pics after the big move. I have been doing a bit of knitting. I have another sweater done, a Clapotis (that I don't think I took a pic of before sending it to the giftee- oops), a sock and the mate partway along and a BSJ baby sweater in the works. I can't wait to get my storage pods delivered and set-up my new sewing room. It's all mine, mine, heeeehheee.

See you again in the new house. If you're local - please come and visit!

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Rebecca said...

I'm so glad everything is working out for you all - moving is such a trial.