Thursday, July 19, 2007

Officially a "Knitter"

I feel like I have officially entered the land of Knitters (as the Yarn Harlot discusses in many of her books). I have recruited a new knitter. A few months ago one of co-workers had a beautiful scarf and I asked her if she made it. She indicated that she had. She learned to knit while living in California, but never really progressed past scarves and with the move back to NY - hadn't really looked into any LYS yet or classes or the like. So my subtle or not so subtle recruiting began. I haven't been able to get any of my friends to go to LYS or learn to knit - which has been disappointing. I would love to do other fiber related activities, but it is hard to get too excited about going on your own (though I do anyway).

I began showing her some of my books, WIPs, etc. and she began to get interested in picking it back up, but thought that a sweater was pretty daunting. However, I convinced her to join our Beginner's Sweater Bunch and she joined us last night and started the tulip baby sweater! Yeah! a new convert. I am progressing along on my Debbie Bliss Baby Cardigan. Back and sleeves are done (to the point of arm shaping - where you have to wait for all the rest of the pieces - since it is worked all in the round from that point on). I am part way through the left front. I hope to have the left and right fronts done before we leave for Las Vegas on Tuesday morning. I'll try to post some pics soon - work has been pretty nutty as we are releasing out a variety of projects (I'm a project and contract manager).

I think I'm going to take my afghan with me to work on the plane. It is composed of about 50 6"squares. So I can work on some of the squares or the borders that I am creating. I am taking a quilting concept of creating squares within a square and then bordering between the squares with a unifying color. I'm grouping 4 squares then putting in a border then another grouping of squares then a boarder then a third grouping of squares. This will become row 1. We'll see how it turns out. I'm really liking the crazy quilt affect - since I'm using to try out different stitch patterns and color combinations from the 200 blocks book by Jan Eaton. Fabulous learning experience. I think these patterns are what gave me the courage to try my first sweater. Now I'm on sweater #3....

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