Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finally Home!

Well I haven't posted in a bit since we were on vacation. As you all know - getting ready and returning from a vacation are almost not worth the work. Wading through 300 emails when you return to the office is torture. But the good news is our trip was fabulous -- I absolutely love Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Plus - I got a bit of knitting done on my afgan. A few more squares out of the way as I sat on the airplane, in the airport (forever@@!$), by the pool, in the car on the way to Arizona... It was very relaxing. I love RY Cashsoft and the squares are so fun to see a pattern emerge in a small project. I'm close to being able to start sewing the blocks together and adding borders. I'll post some pics later this week once everything has slowed down. But tonight I'm off for a bowl of cereal and then to bed!

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