Monday, August 6, 2007


It has been so crazy since we got back from vacation - I've hardly had time to breath. Between the overwhelming jet lag (really surprised by this one given that it was only 3 hrs difference) and work being insane. I haven't been much progress in taking pictures of my current projects. I'll try to get some on tonight.

I've completed the body of my debbie bliss baby cardigan! I just have to do the collar and button bands. I think I'm going to do them both (instead of just the color) in a contrasting color with a final row of the main blue. I think it will look nice and I'm almost out of the navy but I have a full ball of the lighter blue.

I finished my cream baby hat with the picot edging and a duck. The pattern had ducks going all around the hat, but I really liked it with just one in the center.

I made some progress on my lace in-bed shrug. This should go pretty quickly.

5 more squares done for my blanket.

Plus - I started a quilted bag for quilt/sewing classes to carry my cutting mat, rulers, etc. There was a class at the local Pfaff store (I get free classes for awhile since I purchased a new machine in March). It was primarily intended to provide lessons for the fabric mover - which is a free motion bed with a stitch regulator. Not to sure if I like this bag so far - partially the fabric that I used from my stash (not really sure why I bought it) and partially that I just can't seem to master the free motion quilting. For someone who can draw fairly well and I don't usually have problems with this type thing, but I seem to have a mental block. Ugghh!

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