Sunday, August 26, 2007

Action Packed Weekend

We've had an action packed weekend. My brother, his fiancee and her two children (4 & 6) came to spend Sat - Mon with us. Saturday was the Barnes & Noble children's center and Chuck E. Cheese (all parents please moan in sympathy and swallow 3 Advil). We managed to win enough tickets to earn us a foam rocket shooter and a pocket full of lizards and Spiders. Woo Hoo! Then, Sunday it was off to pancakes and waffles then to Strong Museum of Play. Strong is so much fun -- it is a great place to let the kids run loose. I can't wait to have kids of my own - just for an excuse to get a family membership. We went to the Butterfly Conservatory -

Tonight, while my brother & his fiancee are at a concert - DH & I are watching Power Rangers and Tom & Jerry with the Kids. Good news is I did get some knitting done during all these adventures. The 1 side of my tea cozy is done, my last ankle sock (even though my toe graft looks a little wonky - I need to get better at this or try toe up next time) and I cast on for the striped candy cane "santa's helper" hat for my nephew for Christmas (another from the Itty Bitty Hat book).
Tea cozy really is pretty cute - the top edge is fluted with eyelet holes - so I can thread a ribbon through once I finish the second side and seam it up.


Anonymous said...

Is that you in the first pic? Sounds like a fun weekend! SP

Kati said...

No, the first pic is my brother's fiancee and her two boys. I'm the "body" in the second. Her oldest son picked the picture of me he wanted posted (it's one of the ones he took today). So unfortunately, mine is the body shot. LOL