Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Addition

It's been a busy weekend. My parents came in on Thurs to visit with us for a long weekend. I had sweater class at the local LYS that night, work on Friday, baseball game Fri night, Saturday off to an outdoor Quilt Show and then we braved the newly opened Cheesecake Factory restaurant (absolutely mobbed) and then last but not least off to the Corning Glass Museum on Sunday - we got to make our own glass Christmas Balls. So after all that I'm a bit tired - but I did take a vacation day tomorrow since my Parents won't be leaving until late morning. All the time in the car - did allow for some productive knitting - 2 rows left on my baby cardigan then just last ends to weave and that will be done. I started a table runner in the car with Rowan handknit cotton - but I'm not happy with the pattern - (after 10 rows of 276 stchs - frussstrating..). I think I'm going to frog it and use the yarn for something else.

Plus - we got a call from my youngest brother - he and his girlfriend are expecting. I bit surprising, but we're all excited. Plus I get to knit more baby stuff - which I love - even though we don't have any of our own yet. Waiting for my DH to find a full time teaching job - particularly since we don't have family around that can help pitch in - which means full time day care $$$$$.

If I haven't said it before - I just have to repeat - I love knitting blogs - it is so much fun to read about everyone's projects, progress and general life events. It really brings the world closer together. Contests are also a lot of fun. You should check out the contest on this one: It is a lot of fun to read everyone's responses to the contest questions:
2 favorite knitting blogs; 2 favorite knitting books; 2 favorite knitting patterns

I'll try to post some pictures of the almost finished cardigan tomorrow while I'm home. Goodnight all!

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Dorothy said...

I linked to your blog through the Fall Felted Bag exchange. I read a bit before I saw on your profile you're from WNY. I grew up there - live in Boston now - miss WNY terribly.

You went to a baseball game - Rochester or Buffalo? I'm a diehard Bisons fan!

Have a great day!