Sunday, September 9, 2007

End of Summer Weekend

We had a lovely weekend as summer starts to wind down to a close (although you wouldn't know it by Friday's record 98 degrees). Friday was a volleyball home game - they won their first of the season! Saturday I was able to do a bit of work around the house and have coffee with a good friend before we headed off to my BIL's winery. Yes, I am one of the lucky few to have a full fledged winery in the family :O)!!. Good wine is only one of the perks. This weekend was their Septemberfest. They held a silent and live auction for the Steadfast Foundation (Children's foundation for cancer patients). If you are in the western NY region you probably know that this foundation was started by Ryan Miller the Buffalo Sabres goalie (hockey). As a family member, we get the perk of hanging out with him and his father while he signs autographs and talks about the foundation with the crowd. The auction was a ton of fun and raised a nice amount of money for a good cause. They auctioned some great sport memorabilia and cool gigantic custom wine bottles (they are equivalent to a case of wine if you are wondering).

So we were able to spend our Saturday evening with friends watching the auction (wishing I the money to spend on some of the sports memorabilia) and then listening to live music as we sipped Sangria Slushies.
Since we headed home early on Sunday I was able to get a bunch of knitting, sewing and jewelry stuff done. Pictures are below.... I finished the knitting on my nephew's santa helper hat (just needs a pompom/bell and the ends woven in), started my Mom's birthday mittens, finished the front of my FFBE bag (no picture - can't ruin the surprise), made 5 "travel tool kits", 4 zipper pulls and 6 stitch markers (no pics as some of these are surprises).
Santa Hat

Mitten(s) - from Stitch & Bitch - Fluffy Cuff Mittens - soooo soft

"Travel Tool Kits" - this is a pretty neat pattern - I already have 2 that I made a bit ago - one to keep my knitting notions in and the other for quilt notions to take to classes or keep in my project bags. They are pretty handy. Would you like one? I'm thinking of hosting a contest soon - and thought I might include it as part of a prize, but I'm not sure if other people would like or not??

I made one for a co-worker to thank her for teaching me how to make some simple zipper pulls for my bags and with her basic tutorial and some internet assistance - I made my first set of stitch markers. Very cool! I ordered some basic supplies this weekend (beads, tools, head pins and rings) to make more that I can use for gifts or perhaps sell if I get good enough. Quite addicting (not that I need anymore hobbies) - but I don't have any interest in actually making jewelry - just notions.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you had an incredibly busy weekend! Mine was pretty non-productive, mostly just a lot of driving and being hot. I did do a bit of knitting, but with everything else still waiting to be done, it never feels like enough. Those Travel Tool Kits look great - sounds like you are having fun! I love the idea of the questionnaire you sent - I'll take some time and respond later this week (feeling like such a slacker, but so behind in everything!). I hope you have a great week! SP

Shelby said...

You are one lucky gal! I think I even have a bottle of Merrit Estates in my wine fridge at the moment. I'm a huge fan of NY wines, being from Buffalo. And the Sabres wine bottles- AWESOME!! We took our vacation this summer in Canandaigua, and spent a lot of time at the NY Culinary and Wine Center. Just amazing. Can you tell I'm jealous? ;)