Friday, September 28, 2007

FO, Stash Enhancement & SP 11 Contest #2

A few random things for today. I finished my mittens today and Tuesday I finished all the pieces for my FFBE bag! Yeah - feels like its been forever since I finished something:

To add to my joy - the postman delivered two packages today----

My recent Loopy Ewe Sneak Up Order:

Fleece Artist Merino in Mermaid - Yummy & 2 Wendy Knit's Sock Patterns

The other package contained the yarn I'm going to use to make the Bacardi Cardigan from No Sheep For You for my Mum for Christmas. I decided not to use the cotton in the original b/c I wanted something softer and more drapey -- I'm using RYC Cashsoft DK (love how it feels and it makes a really beautiful fabric).


SP 11 Contest -
Shelby our lovely Sp 11 hostess is hosting Contest #2 for SP11. We are to post pictures of our stash - a little crazy right now - as I'm working on the 2nd package for my SP11 pal and my FFBE package, but here it goes..... If you are on ravelry you can check-out the details of my stash on the site - my username is "kamcole". It's pretty up-to-date its only missing the cashsoft for the fore mentioned sweater and the cashsoft I'm using for the never ending blanket.

100_3277 100_3278 100_3281 100_3282

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Dorothy said...

The mittens look fabulous!