Saturday, September 29, 2007

Magic Monkeys

I started my three week long magic loop sock class today at the LYS. It was great fun and I learned alot. The pattern used in the class is up to each participant - so I decided to do a pair of Monkey Socks since I've really wanted to tackle a pattern sock and use my Dream in Color Smooshy yarn. Love Love Love the Yarn! I got the rib and the first lace repeat done on sock #1. It does seem a bit faster to me than DPNs, but that could all be in my head. It doesn't feel like I do as much fiddling to move the needles into the correct position.

100_3283 100_3284

The teacher is great and next week since I seemed to take to the magic loop method really well - she's going to show me how to use 2 circs with my Cat Bordhi book. Yeah!

Plus - the teacher helped me to figure out how best to assemble my FFBE bag. I was a bit confuzled by the finishing instructions and she agreed that the way the pattern is written didn't make a ton of sense. So we can up with a new plan. I seamed the pocket to the front today and I just need to lengthen the strap another 8" then I can seam the rest of the bag. We decided that even though I made the strap to the stated size - it just seems that with felting it would be way to short. So we are on our way to being completed. Hopefully, I can felt it tomorrow and line it by next weekend.

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