Monday, September 24, 2007

Wild Weekend

Wow - I haven't blogged in a bit. Life has been absolutely insane. I don't usually talk too much about our personal life -but this weekend hit an all time crazy and I just have to vent somewhere. My DH had to have an infected cyst removed from his eye on Friday (gross I know) - and he was a bit more uncomfortable than he thought he would (not what the rest of us thought - but testosterone, you know) be on Friday & Saturday. So I left work early on Friday (which was difficult with the large project we have going on - but family is always more important) - and spent Saturday trying to help DH to feel better.

Then Sunday, I ran a few errands then met up with a group of local knitters that I've "met" through Ravelry. It was great fun - it was so nice to meet people my age, at a similar life point and with the same types of interests. Most of my friends aren't really into crafts (knitting, quiliting or otherwise) - not for lack of trying. So without my Mom living close by - it has been a bit of a hole in my life. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better. Plus - I finally got the time to do a bit of knitting. I just need to finish the rest of the strap for my FFBE bag and then assembly -cross your fingers for finishing this weekend.

So I come home on Sunday - so excited about the knitting group and looking forward to a quiet afternoon with my DH watching football. Instead we spent one of the scariest afternoons of my life. I had literally just walked in the front door and went down the hall to our bedroom to drop off a bag of purchases - when I turned around to see our dogs walking down the hall to me. This was completely normal they are shadows - you usually don't find one without the other or near one of us. When the St. Bernard shook his head and I saw blood flying around the hall. He had split his nose open at an artery and the blood was just squirting all over (not to gross anyone out). I have never seen anything like it. I was petrified. My husband and I reacted very quickly and drove to the animal emergency hospital. They were wonderful and able to provide quick relief. He has had skin problems for since birth (he’s five) and we’ve always fought a battle to keep his nose healthy. It cracks, peels and often has an open sore in the middle, but it has never bled before. My husband spent most of the morning at our primary Vet today and we’ve come up with an action plan. However, if you are animal love and own pets – you know how hard this can be. He has to go to see a specialist an hour or so away in a few weeks to have a biopsy and some tests run to make sure he doesn’t have cancer or some type of infection. Our dogs are like our children – so we are worried, but in the meantime we will hope for the best and take good care of him.

Sorry for the depressing posts lately – it just has been a rough couple weeks with crazy health things. However, I know that these issues are temporary and so minor compared to other people’s experiences.

BUT – on a good note – I mailed my HSKS3 package on Sunday before the chaos. I can’t wait for Jennifer to receive it and I hope she enjoys the goodies that I sent. I’ll post some pictures once I have confirmed that it arrived. I hope to finish the FFBE bag by this weekend. We’ll play it by ear as I’m going to Physical Therapy 2x’s a week for my arm, but the handeze gloves seem to be offering some relief and a way to keep knitting at least a bit.

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Ursula said...

Wow! You're not kidding with the health crises. Wishing you and your family the best. Speedy recoveries for all!