Monday, September 17, 2007

Progress Update

I haven't been blogging much lately since our lives have been a little nutty. We have a large project launching this week at work and I'm the project lead. This means that my life is going to be extremely busy for the next few months. But I'm excited because it is a project that I'm really interested in. Despite the work craziness and the usual business of the volleyball season (DH coaches & I help with any computer/administrative/socializing/parent stuff), I have been able to get to a bit of craftiness. I've been hard at work on my felted bag for the Fall Felted Bag Exchange. The front, bottom and back are completed. I'm about 1/4 of the way into the front pocket. Then just the strap and on to assembly. Sorry no pics - wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Once it's done and off in the mail -- I'll post some package pictures.

The fluffy cuff mittens are coming along. The cuff is finished and I started the main color of the body. I have to say though. I REALLY hate working with the GGH Esprit. Love the feel and look of it -- it's soo fluffy it's a pain in the but. I frogged it back once because I realized I forgot to do it in garter stitch (which in the round is knit/purl alternating rows ---- not knit, knit) .... then I picked up two extra stitches somewhere along the way....Riiiiiiiiipppp. Darn it all... I'm almost afraid to start the cuff on the second -- I wanted to alternate each section and knit two at once since I'm less likely to have second mitten syndrome that way, but UGGGHH dreading the Blue Fluff. I'll take a picture once I get a bit farther into the body -- not much to look at right now. Not much different that the first progress picture.

I signed up for a new class at the LYS. I decided to take the magic loop sock class that is being offered for Fall. I was going to teach myself socks with 2 circulars - but I figured since this is being offered and there is no guarantee that they'll do it again - I"ll try it out and the transition to two circulars from this point might be much easier. Or maybe I'll just like ML ... we'll see. It starts 9/29 and runs for three weeks. I've picked out my yarn -- I'm going to use my DIC smooshy that I got from the Loopy Ewe. We can do any pattern that we want -- so I think I might do Monkey Socks. I want to try something interesting and help will be available if I need it... :O).

Pretty isn't it.... Can't wait to try it out --- especially after working with the scratchy felting wool for the last few weeks. I have to say while I like how Lamb's pride felts - I don't really like working with it as much as manos or cascade.

Well the bad news for the evening is that I'm having a great deal of trouble with my left arm. I think I pinched a nerve in my neck again. I've been having quite a bit of pain knitting and typing on the computer. Not that it stops me (which is probably not a good thing). I purchased a Handeze craft glove for my left hand (on now). It seems to help a little bit, but still stiff and painful. Tomorrow, I'm off to the chiropractor/physical therapist to see if they can help again. Plus, to top it all off -- my DH has to have surgery on his eye to remove a cyst on Friday. Very minor, but troubling all the same.

Well enough of the depressing news. I think I'm going to be able to send my owl post off to my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap parter - Craftlily by next Monday. Yeah! I'm really pleased with how everything is turning out. Should be able to finalize it all on Sunday during football. Saturday I'm taking a class at the Pfaff dealership -- the Indygo Junction Metropolitan bag. Hopefully, my Amy Butler fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop will be here in time (scheduled to arrive on Wed). Wish me luck through the craziness this week!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope your arm gets better, that is miserable. Your sock yarn is so pretty. I have been thinking about knitting some socks using the Monkey pattern, but I am a bit tired of socks right now, so don't know when I will make it through the current pair I am working on (just a basic ribbed pattern, something mindless, but I got to the heel and just haven't been inclined to continue). I hope you have a great week! SP

Gnat said...

Ask your husband if he can give me any advice for a girl coaching her first season of middle school girls volleyball. :) It's actually my second but it's the first real season..and right now could use some advice. :)

Hope your having a great day!!

A fellow Gryffindor!

Dorothy said...

I hope you feel better soon! I would imagine a hurting arm interferes with knitting!

It sounds like all of your projects will be lovely! I can't wait to see pictures of the mittens.

Gnat said...

Tell your husband thanks for the recommended reading. I'm going to go check it out this weekend. I read the first page online and it's pretty good. Thanks again. I work for a private school which has the opinion everyone who shows up must play. I'm from a time where you had to earn a place on a team so I'm trying to put my ideas into this system. :) Thank you again. Sorry for relaying info to your husband. :)

PS. ALL the stitch markers look great. I think I may try the O ring when I make them next time because just the turning of the wire was hard. :)

Ursula said...

Wishing you and your family the best of health! Anxious to see the mittens :)

Dorothy said...

Kati - I just saw that you're from WNY. I grew up there!

The Bills colored wool came from Lavender sheep - The color is called "Americana".

Dorothy said...

Yeah, I grew up in Amherst. Go Tigers!