Monday, October 8, 2007

Help - I'm jonesing for some new sock yarn.

Help me restrain myself!! I really want some new sock yarn (yes, I know I have already have some - but not enough) but my monkey socks are going so well that I really want to do more and more and more. I'm trying to restrain myself because my budget just can't handle it -- $500+ in doggie vet bills recently just killed it dead. But my baby is much more important.

Plus - I'm going to Rhinebeck on Oct 20th - that's primarily what I want to shop for. Some sock yarn (fingering and sport weight) and some worsted weight for mittens and hats. If I go online shopping now its only going to kill that. Therefore, I really really need to be good. No Loopy Ewe sneak-ups, no paying attention to the Lime & Violet Daily Chum (torture), no Etsy goodness, etc. etc. etc.

Perhaps, if I keep reminding myself it will sink in. You never know. I just need to focus on my current projects -- love all of them - but it's always the ones waiting in the wings that really jazz my creativity. How about you?

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Dorothy said...

RESIST, RESIST, RESIST! Keep your eye on that Rhinebeck prize!