Saturday, October 6, 2007

So many projects what to do?

I have three knitting projects that I am really jonesing to do (and a few languishing, but we'll pretend those don't exist) ... so much so that I don't know which to work on. So, I did a few stitch markers and an abacus bracelet instead, so I can pick-up my beading stuff and do the lining for my felted bag tomorrow morning. All else fails and you can't make up your mind do something completely different. I know it doesn't make much sense - but the stitch markers are pretty fun. LOL


I think I'm gradually improving - I learn something each time I work on them anyways so that's something. I'm going to give the pink set with the sheep to my sock class teacher since she's been generously teaching me a variety of techniques - not just the magic loop that i signed up for. Next week is the last class -- so I'll take them along since she admired the ones I made for myself that are similar - I've sized these specifically to fit sock needles. Speaking of my sock - I turned the heel and started the foot this morning (switched from magic loop to two circs) -- looks pretty good. I really do love this pattern (monkey) and yarn (dream in color).


Well I'm off to see if I can figure out what I want to work on the most. Hmmm... socks, secret stole, bacardi sweater, socks, secret stole, bacardi sweater,socks, secret stole, bacardi sweater,socks, secret stole, bacardi sweater,socks, secret stole, bacardi sweater, agghh I want to do them all NOW.

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