Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yippee!! My FFBE Package arrived from Estonia!

I'm so excited my swap package from Kaili in Estonia for the Fall Felted Bag Exchange. It is absolutely incredible. I cannot adequately describe how wonderfully talented and Kaili is. I'm posting below a variety of pictures with descriptions of all the great items she sent. They are all from her home country.

But first the bag - WOW. It is amazing - I have no idea how she was able to do all of it - but I'm certainly going to try and see if I can recreate some of her techniques in my next bag. It is so wonderful -- it looks like it is needle felted, hand dyed, embrodiered with embellishments and nicely lined with a pocket.



Look at all these goodies (as you can see little one - couldn't help but be involved- it all smelled wonderful coming out of the package)

The fabulous smells were eminating from the organic soap (juniper, pine and lavendar) and the candle (orange), chocolates (tiramisu, white chocolate with strawberry, dk choc with cherry and chocolate with egg liquer filling ---- yummy) and Karamell hard candies. I can't wait to try them all. I'm hiding and saving the candies till my cold is gone so I can fully enjoy them! The handmade card and note were truly lovely. Kaili has a terrific artistic sense.

Books and a bag pattern - Kaili sent along a book about Estonia and tourism guide set (one with the sheep on the front) - I can't wait to learn more - they have English translations. The smaller book in the front is a promotional book for tanning, felting and dying with plants. It looks really interesting - there is an English translation in the being that the book is to raise interest among people interested in handcrafts. Plus, a berroco pattern for the Flora felted bag. I love the structure and floral embellishments - definitely going into my Ravelry queue!


Last, but certainly not lease - the Yarnny goodness! 3 skeins of wool - all crafted in Estonia. The varigated green is soo spongy and soft. I think I see some interesting felted items in their future! The bag pattern that Kaili sent would look really great in the greens...

Thank you, thank you, thank you - Kaili! It was a truly wonderful package. I don't know how you parted with the bag - it is really stunning and the pictures don't do it justice. Happy Fall!


Ursula said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Kaili is definitely quite talented. Lucky you :)

Betty said...

Reminder - Don't forget to look for the snitch Saturday to help out the Gryffindor house. We rock.