Sunday, October 21, 2007

Think I had fun the last few days?!/?

**** Caution, please be warned that the following images may cause temporary blindness, severe loss of cash, detrimental credit, yarn lust, images of super knitting powers, etc. etc. Therefore, please do not proceed unless you are prepared to accept the consequences of such actions****

Wow - so much to talk about. I almost don't know where to begin. My HSKS 3 swap package arrived from Stephanie on Friday and Saturday I went to Rhinebeck - Need I say more.... Of course because I wouldn't be my usual rambling self otherwise. ;O)
HSKS 3 - Stephanie sent me a wonderful package. Check-out all the goodies:


It was all so amazing - A bag and tool kit made out of Hogwarts Fabric. The bag even has a Gryffindor pocket inside. Foody goodness - Harry & David chocolate covered pretzels (opened these the day the came), warm delights, and a Starbucks Gift Card! Harry Potter trading cards - which are too cool. Knitting stuff: KA US sz 2 DPNs, Just Socks Pattern Book (great patterns that I can't wait to try), Superwash Merino sock yarn from Etsy in a gryffindor colorway and stitch markers - they have a mini snitch! Thank you so much Stephanie! You did a beautiful job with everything...



RHINEBECK - OMG - It was amazing. I'm not quite sure what happened to me.... See - I think it was the yarn fumes:


I am so ready to start a bazzillion projects now! I'm in love with all the yarn I brought home, plus I almost want to move to a farm just so I can have some of these (if you knew what a not country, dirt, bugs, farm person I am - even though I grew up in the boonies -- you would know what a true yarn drug induced state I'm in):


They were all so sweet and lovely. I really wanted to come home with an angora bunny ('cause I think they look like an ewok (sp?)) -- but I think my bus mates and husband would have killed me.

Rhinebeck was really quite amazing - not only do they have barns of adorable animals - they have more vendors for hand dyed and spun yarn that have ever seen in my life. It is almost overwhelming because the quality and uniqueness just continues from stall to stall and barn to barn. It was really hard to restrain myself - especially when starting with The Fold (Socks that Rock). That booth was an experience in an of itself. I love their sock yarn and know that I can buy it online - but when a hundred people are all going at it at once and you stand in a line 4 booths long to pay - you feel like you are obligated to get as much as you can before it goes poof! I bought 5 skeins and three patterns?!? Then, we traversed through the Shelridge Farms booth and I got 4 skeins of their Soft Touch Ultra. By this point, I was supposed to be putting the kibosh on my sock purchases, but I couldn't resist two rather unique sock yarns at Autumn House Farm (pics below) - a worsted and twisted ply (the sample is what sold me on it).
100_3353100_3404100_3401100_3397100_3399100_3382100_3383100_3389100_3391100_3395 They are all wonderful and I have plans for all of it - but it's going to take me forever to get through all the sock yarn I've accumulated. I can't wait!

I tried to be focused by taking my Ravelry queue with me (Thanks to Casey for programming a print feature at the last minute for all the users!). As a result, my other purchases have a specific project to go with them - how I'm going to get them all done is the question!

Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty Fall 2007 to be made from Maple Creek Farm Superwash Merino:


Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style to be made from Brooks Farm Mas-Acero (Merino/Silk):


Marigold Vest to be made from Decadent Fibers Marshmallow:


Then to top it all off - I also got some worsted wool for a felted bag or 2 and some alpaca for fingerless mitts....


Now- I think I'm going to have to go on a diet..... until I finish something


HPNY Knits said...

NICE stash enhancement!

Shelby said...

Looks like you had FUN at Rhinebeck!!

Maureen said...

WOW!!! I wish I could have gone-next year. I would love to get some STR.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How exciting! I am going to SAFF this weekend, hoping for a bit of yarn fun, as well. It'll be great to see your finished knits - I love projects and yarn, fabulous! SP