Friday, February 8, 2008

Vacation Bliss

It has been a very fun week. I've been on vacation since Wed! My parents were coming for a visit since my Mom had a Diabetes seminar to go to in the area (she's a nurse/patient educator). So I decided that I needed a break from all the long hours at work and we've had a few days of fun. Mom and I have similar tastes and hobbies so we always have a good time when we are together. Wednesday we did some errands and got our haircut. Thursday we took a bag class from Mt. Pleasant Quilt Company (Lest you have forgotten that I quilt and knit (kinda of felt like it lately, as I haven't done much sewing)).

We made the Miranda Day Bag from Lazy Girl Designs. Very cool purse. I completed 99% of it during the class (unheard of for me). I just need to tack the top edges together in the corners so it doesn't pop open... It is a pretty neat bag. See:


I think I'm going to package mine up for my BFF for her Birthday next month with some other goodies. I've also made some headway on a lapquilt that has been languishing in my WIP's pile:

I really love the fabrics and layout. I just need to finish up the last of the hand quilting (just the borders really) and add the binding. This is one that I'll be keeping for our house. It's been awhile since I've kept a quilt for us and my hubby has been asking.

Today's been pretty busy preparing favors for my Brother's baby show next weekend - but I did fit in a bit of knitting:

My STR Serendipity second sock is half way done. I finished the short row heel and have started the foot. The heel came out much better on this one - though I like the way it looks I'm not sure it will be a favorite and replace the traditional heel flap for me.

What are your favorite heel methods?

I also am in the process of completing the heel on my basic ribbed socks out of Hill Country Yarn. I really like the way the colors are swirling around the leg.

Though I also like them with the cuff folded down, Sam I am.

Last, but not least to make my vacation day the grandest - another package arrived from the Loopy Ewe. I know you are exclaiming - but she just got one - how can that be? A sneak up caught the best of me. It contained Claudia Hand Painted sport short in peppermint mocha which has been marinating on my wish list.... no will power here.

100_3580 Some Numma Numma in Nutella100_3578 and a few patterns may have fallen in along the way.... shhhh.... they'll never need to know the yarn I accumulate, as long as socks, sweater and yarny goodies continue to come their way.


Joan, Lazy Girl said...

Hi Kati,

Your Miranda turned out beautifully. I love your fabric choices and your handles.

Great job.

My best,
Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs

PS: Your mom's Miranda looks great, too!

Mary Ellen said...

The bags look great and I love the colors in your quilt!

Deb said...

ooooooh I love the bag, especially the fabric. Can I be your BFF too? :)

I've tagged you. Go to my blog to see what it's about and join in the fun. :)

Rebecca said...

Bags, quilts, socks...I am inspired by all of your projects! The quilt is beautiful - how do you hand quilt yours? (Do you use a frame or what?)