Wednesday, February 13, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged by My SP11 Partner, Deb ( to participate in a random things about me tag. Here are the rules, and they must be posted to your blog:

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  2. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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7 Random Things:

  1. I’m extremely petite (barely 5’).
  2. My family nickname is “grace” (not meant as a compliment either).
  3. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Upstate NY on the Canadian Border (yes there is territory above NYC).
  4. My greatest travel wish is to go on a B&B tour of Ireland (there’s lots of sheep there you know).
  5. I love fairies because my grandfather used to make-up wonderful stories and built a NeverNeverland on his property in the Adirondack Mountains when I was little.
  6. I’m obsessed with my hobbies – I love Knitting, quilting, reading, creating bags, stitch markers, papercrafts, etc….. I collect obsessively with them. Can never have too much stuff, right? Who knows when you will need the perfect item.
  7. My favorite candies are old fashioned lemon drops and peppermints.

People Tagged:

  1. Wanderings - my SP 11 Pal

  2. Crafty Lily – my HSKS 3 Pal

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Rebecca said...

A B&B tour of Ireland sounds fabulous. I think I am obsessed with gathering materials for my hobbies, but I don't seem to do much with them. But I have lots of paper, yarn, fabric, and books!