Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well, I was all set to post a note about my mom's completed ribby socks and the two wonderful sock club packages that I received in the mail yesterday --- when low and behold I returned from dinner with the hubby to find my packages and basket of yarn strung about the house. Mind you my springer is 8 years old (yes 8) and has not gotten into anything for over two years. Apparently he was annoyed with me for some reason (yes me - because he didn't touch any of DH's stuff). So I have some sadly lacking photos to share since the flower seeds and chocolate are MIA. The only reason I know they were part of the TV Yarn packages is there was a lovely note included with the contents of the kit. Never actually saw what they looked like. Ah well - I guess I really didn't need the candy or flowers anyway.

But in good news - I finished my Mom's ribbed Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet Socks and they went off in the mail on Thursday:


I also made some headway on my Fawkes socks - god I love Dream in Color Smooshy...


Two sock club packages arrived yesterday and my husband kindly brought mail with him when we picked me up at work yesterday so I could look at them in the car (we went to the Sabres game last night). It is the first package for each of these clubs this year.

The first is from Hill Country Yarns - I'm excited about this one since I just finished Mom's socks (see above and really liked working with the Hill Country). This club comes with yarn and a pattern (only $20 a kit - pretty good deal). This month's is a shaded purple skein of Instant Gratification Superwash (6-7 stchs per inch on sz 4-6 needles) and a pattern for lace ankle socks (Quite Contrary Socks by Star Athena). Very nice:


The second package is from the White Oak Studio TV Yarn Sock Club. The first shipment was a celebration of the movie - Four Weddings and a Funeral. Very springy and British...


The package came with yarn, a beautiful stitch marker and tin (I forgot to include it in the picture - dog didn't eat that part), chocolates (long gone - damn dog), lavender sachet, and flower seeds (doggy tummy - we'll see if he sprouts any flowers). I love the colors - makes me want spring to come and melt all the snow. I'll have to find the perfect pattern for it - any suggestions?

Now - I'm off to watch the sabres game and work on some knitting to cheer me up....


Dorothy said...

Oh lovely yarn!

Rebecca said...

I joined the Hill Country Yarn Club as well. I picked up my package today. I love the color, and the yarn seems nice, although not a lot of yards. The package, however, made me a little grumpy because they sent it to my billing address instead of mailing address, and then the pattern was just crammed into the mailing package and just a mess. I think I've found a pattern that I might knit with it, as well - Helene Socks. It's a great color - so springy!