Monday, April 21, 2008

Lucky Leaf

I haven't been accomplishing much on the knitting front with work shaping back into it's typical nuttiness, but my socks are never far away. I completed one of the March Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock club socks and started its mate. It is a really fascinating knit - kudos to JC Briar the pattern designer. The leg features an increasing gusset while knitting the back of the heel - then you turn the heel and short-row a heel flap on the bottom of the foot - and then knit in the round again to work the foot traditionally. No picking up stitches. Not that I mind usually, but it was interesting to see how it all came together. All-n-All it fits pretty nicely too. If I was to do this type of heel again - I think I would skip the sl1, k1 on the bottom of the foot heel flap as it draws the heel pretty tight and is a bit narrow for my foot. I think I would just go down a needle size on the bottom (since I use a 2 circ method) to create a nice tight fabric.


Last weekend, we went home to visit the family and our new little addition. Cutie, isn't he?

And of course - I can't go home without making a yarn and fabric trip with my Mom to Fiber Options. I restrained myself and only brought home three skeins (yeah - good I know - especially with the number of Loopy Ewe boxes that arrived at my house last week - oops fell off the Loopy Wagon again).
Fiber Options:
[Mission Falls cotton royal blue and baby blue, Classic Elite Alpaca Sox]

Loopy Ewe:
[Spindle City Yarns Lichen, Dream in Color Smooshy Don't be Blue, The Sanguine Gryphon Eidos Bougainvillea, Zen String Lotus Toes Echninacea and Sugar Magnolia]

Oops - I also forgot about the Ravelry Destash purchases....
[Blue Moon Socks that Rock Tide Pool, Monsoon, Spring Fling, and Fire on the Mountain and Silkie in Walking on the Wild Tide]

Darn it - I need to knit more and buy less. I really need to have a chat with the person who came up with the idea that sock yarn doesn't count as stash - you'd think I was saving for the End of Days or something. Wow - looking at this and loading it all into Ravelry makes me wonder if I need to join a support group or grow extra limbs to knit more.

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Dorothy said...

I'd go for the extra limbs and knit more. You'd make a fortune at Sheep and Wool festivals showing off your talent!

The socks are beautiful! Will the pattern be made available? I'd love to knit socks without picking up stitches.