Sunday, April 27, 2008

Socks as always...

I was sick with a bad head and chest cold most of the weekend - but good can come from bad. I did a great deal of knitting this weekend. I finished my Leafling Socks from the STR club.
(sorry you get the wet sock blocker photo. Have you ever noticed it's really difficult to photograph your own feet - it's either blurry or you have cankles)

I'm almost done with my RPM's.. Thank goodness since I still don't like this colorway. Just a bit more foot to go. I really love this pattern and plan on making another pair. My husband likes the pattern - so perhaps a pair for him.

I started my first toe up sock - Hearts for Heidi by Wendy Knits. I was a bit nervous about the cast-on as it looked a bit complicated - but it was really very easy if you follow the online tutorial for Judy's Magic Cast-On. I wanted to do a toe up for this yarn because it's Claudia's HandPainted Short Sport in Peppermint Mocha (Pattern & Yarn from the Loopy Ewe) and I want to make the leg as high as I can with the yardage I have. Now we'll see how the rest goes and see if I can master working backwards.

I also did some cleaning today -- including washing some socks in Soak - don't they look pretty. I highly recommend Soak -it is great stuff. Smells light and clean and no rinsing. Just drop a dime size bit in some water and let them sit - blot the water and let your clothes dry.

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