Thursday, January 15, 2009

Granny Blankie

I finally finished the RYC Cashmere granny blankie that I started years ago. When I first learned how to knit - my LYS owner encouraged me to try out a book that had 200 plus pattern squares to learn a variety of stitches in a small forum. I learned a ton and used a great yarn - but I never really got around to finishing enough to do a larger afghan. When I found out I was pregnant this summer, I thought a perfect solution would be to do a small blankie for my baby. I had just enough squares to do a nice crib sized blanket. I started sewing them together and knitting on a border during my last trimester. I just needed to finish weaving in the 9million ends - which I finally did today! I really like the way it came together. It has some wacky colors and looks a little funky - but it is so soft with the cashmere content.


My Anna should be able to use it with her next nap....

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Dorothy said...

What a beautiful blanket! And, a beautiful baby! Congratulations!