Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Quilt Progress

One of my goals on maternity leave was to finish up some of my outstanding quilt projects. I have a few that are pretty close to completion and just needed a bit of focused time. I finished three tops so far this week.

Quilt #1:
This was a kit that I purchased a few years ago because I really loved the colors and pattern. I cut out the pieces when I was pregnant, but didn't have a chance to assemble it. I'm fond of baby quilts that are made with brighter non-traditional colors. I plan on putting it away for when Anna's a bit older. We have another that I made in her crib now - so I'll save this one for later.

Quilt #2:
A stack-n-wack quilt that my mom and I took a class for at a local quilt shop a year or so ago. The blocks were all done they just needed to be set. It's really neat to see how different all the blocks can look when they come from the same fabric. I also have 4 blocks that were a bit smaller left that I can use for a small lap quilt. I'll need to purchase some additional complimentary material for those at some point.


Quilt #3:
This was a top that I completed in a class last year, but never had a chance to add the borders. It is a fascinating pattern because it uses a very interesting technique. It is a pattern that would be great for a beginner because it is simple strips sewn together - there are no setting triangles that you would usually need to do a quilt set on point. Instead you sew it together (then hold your breath) and cut it apart and resew in a very specific fashion to create an on-point quilt.

I've also continued to work on completing some of last year's Socks that Rock club kits. I started the July kit. I've completed the first sock and am almost done with the top of the mate. I really love this pattern - it's been awhile since I've had a pattern go this fast. It has a wonderful rhythm. I wasn't so sure about the garter stitch short row heel and toe - but it actually fits really really well and is extremely comfortable. I hope to finish the mate this week and start another kit.


Madam Ferula McGonagall said...

ooohh! Those are beautiful!!! I love the stack and wack. Do you have a pattern for that one that you can share?! I've never seen one quite like that one!

Dorothy said...

Everything is beautiful! I know the quilts will be treasured, wherever they wind up!