Friday, October 30, 2009

I've been writing posts in my head for awhile (until I decided it might be considered strange to talk to myself, hear voices - does that qualify for mentally unstable, hmmm)... But just haven't had time to write up an update.

It's been a busy month... full household sickness, starting a new Master's program in Project Management, meet-ups with friends, swap packages, family visits, and last but not least the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival (AKA Rhinebeck).

Rhinebeck was a blast - I went with two work friends who are fairly new knitters. It was my second time attending and I enjoyed it much more as we drove ourselves (rather than a bus) and spent the night. It was fun to go with newbies who were totally awed at the sheer number of people, fun stuff to touch (and you didn't get yelled at - encouraged actually), and the wonderful viewing of knitwear. It was funny - no one thinks twice if you are staring, pointing or talking about them (i.e. knitwear). It's almost a compliment instead of an insult - out in the "real" world. I bought a few things that I really wanted or am giving as a gift:


I couldn't resist a few skeins of Socks That Rock from The Fold even though I have more STR and/or sock yarn that I know what to do with. The mill ends were really reasonable and some may be gifted. I bought two rare gems that I just love (4th and 5th from the left). The other 4 main skeins from the back are from Briar Rose. I regretted not buying anything from them the last time I attended - as I love the fiber content, size, price and color. Anne Hanson shows their yarn on her Knitspot blog all the time and I've been interested in trying some out. I have a hank of bulky Robusta that I'm splitting with a friend for a hat/fingerless mitts set, a skein (750 yds!) of Abundance for a pattern out of the Fall Interweave Knits - they had a sample that was gorgeous, and a skein of penny lane (silk) for a cowl or 2.

We had pics that we took of the festival but they are on someone else's camera so I need to get a copy. Cool both days and slightly rainy on Sunday, but I love looking at all the vendors and the farm animals. I'd love to get a few goats - they are so friendly or a bunny - very soft and lovable. Maybe someday - we definitely have the room these days. Plus the Food! I got to try a chicken pot pie on Sunday (much shorter lines) and it was fabulous! We've already decided that we definitely want to return next year. Anyone wants to go holler and we'll start planning. we'll have to book our hotel by February before they're all gone again. Kingston area was sold out by the 1st week of March this year.

I also got a great swap package in the mail last night. I joined the Ravelry group Odd Duck swaps and it's lots of fun. They host a few swaps each month that have "odd" themes... such as Wizard of OZ, Favorite Color, Favorite Season, Crime Shows and Mystery Books, etc. You can sign up for as many or few as you wish. It's fun to put together thematic packages for your swappee and include their likes/dislikes. You have to include something handmade in each one and I enjoy seeing everyone's creativity and craftiness. I signed up for the Favorite Season (mine is Fall)- and look what I got!


There's yarn (3! skeins including some Malabrigo Sock - fabulous colors), lots of little knitting and non chatzkies, and a cowl pattern (perfect timing- I'm making a few for holiday gifts). I just love packages in the mail and am enjoying shopping creatively for them.

Have a Happy & Spooky Halloween. We are going to enjoy a quiet family night at home carving Jack-O-Lanterns~

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