Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finished & In Progress Stuff...

Wow - as usual I've gotten behind on posting here. The holiday always seem to get the best of me and we had a crazy one that I'd rather forget about.

In good news, I have been making a ton of knitting and quilting progress lately. I did a large number of hats, cowls and fingerless mitts for Christmas gifts which was fun.

One Christmas gift that I didn't finish was A's Hippo from Knitted Toys by Susan Anderson (fabulous book) with our not so fun holiday. Oh well -- I'll give it to her for another once it's done. It has a body, but needs arms, legs and ears...

I finished my Trellis & Vine Pullover and am really pleased with how it came out. It fits extremely well. This is a slightly lopsided picture of it drying. I'll have to see if C can take a picture of me in it soon -

I'm almost done with a Pinwheel Sweater for A -- just needs the last sleeve completed and the ends woven in. I'm still debating what I'm going to start next...

Quilting wise ... I've finished 1 diaper bag (I seem to have forgotten to photo this one before it was gifted -- shoot I really liked it since I created it myself from about 9 different patterns), 1 boy baby quilt (Robot Top below), 2 girl baby tops (need to be quilted) and 1 large lap size for our front room (70x90 - I'll send this one out to be quilted)... lots of babies coming can you tell??



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willowluna said...

I love the lap quilt, especially the line right down the middle.