Saturday, July 7, 2007

Productive Knitting Day

Well today was a pretty productive knitting day. I'm getting caught up on my online financial planning certification class (since I was on vacation and have a tendancy to procrastinate on these types of things) and it makes for good knitting time while I listen to the professor. I finished the final steps of my biscuit blanket and a mason-dixon baby bib.

I also started a baby hat to go with my bib from the Itty Bitty baby hats book ( It is a fabulous book and I'm half way done. I'm either going to put rosebuds on the top or the upside down flower petals. They are really cute. I'm sending the bib and hat off to my cousin for her shower later this week. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get some sewing done if I wade through my sewing room......

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