Thursday, August 16, 2007


I just joined Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap three ( as a First Year Gryffindor. I'm really excited - I'm starting to get hooked on the swap idea. It is fun to try and craft a personalized gift to someone that you are only "meeting" electronically. This swap is interested because you put together a handmade bag and sock or scarf kit for someone. I can't wait to see how it progresses when it starts towards the end of August. The sign-ups started yesterday and will remain open until August 29th or after the first 100 people sign up.
I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Crazy I know for an almost 30 year old- but the books are really well written and show such imagination. I am an avid reader and these caught my attention from the very beginning. Though I loved book 7 and how it ended - it is sad that there won't be any more. I do hope that J.K. Rowling will decide to continue to write - I would be interested to see what else her fertile imagination can craft. Our LYS is doing a Fall window display of Hogwarts scarves and hats. I am excited to see the end result. Pam has been working on the Gryfinndor scarf from the Charmed Knits book and it looks fabulous. It is knit in the round in a tubular fashion.... very interesting construction and very very warm.

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