Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sweater Bunch

Tonight was sweater bunch class at the LYS. It was a lot of fun as usual. It is a rotating group of people with all different level of skills and projects - so it is always interesting. Since I'm waiting for my Rowan Calmer and Cashsoft to come in for my next two sweater projects - I decided to see what quick little projects I could get done in the interim. I am going to do a set of mittens for my Mom for her Birthday and I started a tea cozy. Goofy I know but they had a display set-up in the LYS and it was so cute. It is a free pattern from the Internet - I'm doing it in two shades of slate/green encore worsted weight in the checkerboard pattern. I really like it. I am a big evening tea fan and I have this cute little teapot that it would look great on. If the pattern goes well - I'll probably do one for my mom as well.

The other project I need to do is a Booga bag ( for my husband. He coaches girls volleyball and he likes to pass a ball each week to the girl who made the biggest impact on the team that week -- the girls get to write a message on the ball if they are awarded the ball. Then at the end of the year it is given out to the individual who had a significant impact during the season. Last year he had me felt a bag to pass the ball around in that he gave out with it. He'd like me to make another one. So I'll have to get busy since Try-outs are next week.

Friday I'm off to spend a weekend in northern New York with my family. My grandmother and Great Aunt want my Mom and I to show them how to do the stack & whack quilt technique. It is a pretty neat way to align and cut fabric that creates a kaleidoscope effect. So I'll probably take a knitting project along to work on while I'm helping them with their quilts. Plus --- a new Fabric/Yarn shop opened up near their house. I can't wait to check it out. It is a 50/50 split of a remodel historic general store.

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