Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ravelry Antsy & Traveling Knitting

Yeah - I'm inching closer. I feel bad for #29,597 :O(. That's a really long wait.
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I usually try and knit during my lunch "break" at work. It helps me to relax and gear up for a busy afternoon. Currently, my travel project is a Santa's helper hat for my 2 yr old nephew for Christmas. It's from the Itty Bitty Hats book (in adding this link I discovered Susan is coming out with a new book -- exciting. I've made quite a few hats from the Itty Bitty book and they are adorable and creative - can't wait to see what her new book has.). I'll try and post some project pictures later tonight - I have about the first 5" of the hat done -- the decreases start at 7" so not too much further.

But the reason for this whole long winded discussion - is that I can't wait for a sock kit bag from HSKS3! I have been putting my small knitting projects in my purse or "work bag" in Ziploc bags. It is useful for keep the balls intact -- but a pain when you are knitting a stripped pattern and the yarn gets stuck in the "zipper" when I need more. Ugghh! I'd love something a bit more useful and will hold a bunch of little notions that you might need (tape measure - trying to use the wooden ruler from my office desk - not so helpful, needles, stitch markers, etc.). I could make myself one - but I really rather make other people things and I have a zillion projects in the works anyways - if we're going to be honest.

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