Sunday, October 28, 2007

Knitty Update

It has been a crazy busy week. Work has moved into busy busy mode as we get ready to release one of our largest projects the first week of December, which I'm heading for our Department - so it makes the work week a bit hectic. Add to all that my husband's volleyball starting sectionals, my parents coming to town for the weekend and a variety of appointments .... Lord help us when we have children - I don't know how I'll keep up and track of everything.

Good news is that I managed to make some headway on a variety of different knitting/sewing projects....

Reading in Bed Shrug - only 2-3 lace repeats to go then a short seam. Hopefully - I can knock this one off this week, as it is an x-mas present that I could cross off my list.
100_3437 100_3438

Secret of the Stole - bit behind on this one since I was sick and it's been so busy. I'm half-way through clue 2 - need to finish 3 and part of 4 (since I'm going to shorten it to better fit me).

Monkey Socks - second sock - 3 repeats or so left before I start the toe. Another hopeful finish for this week...

Needle Case - a couple of needle cases for a swap partner and a friend.

Bacardi Cardi - about 7 inches done - getting closer to the sleeve shaping -- thank goodness the back and fronts are worked in one piece. Though I love the results - the constant color changes can get a bit tedious and cumbersome.

Calorimetry - I love this pattern. It took less than 3 hours total. I just need to sew a button on. I'd like to do a few mroe of these for Christmas presents.

Ravenclaw Beanie - Charmed Knits Hogwarts beanie for my nephew to be for Christmas - they are quick and easy. It matches the Slytherin one I finised a few weeks ago for his brother.

Cherry Blossom Noni Bag - casted on for one of my sister-in-laws to be for Chrismas


Ursula said...

You've been busy! I love the needle cases Great choice of fabric! And the Bacardi Cardi is going to be gorgeous... the color changes are worth it :)

SYLVIE said...

Your stole looks really nice! Looks like you're one busy bee!