Saturday, January 26, 2008

A New Skill...

I made it into the LYS today for the first time in months. It was so nice - kind of like going home to visit. With work being so insane, I barely had any time to knit let alone go in for a class or help with a project. Today, I took the learn to crochet class. I thought it would get me back in the project mood, learn a new skill and one that would be applicable to a great number of knitting patterns for finishing. It was a lot of fun and easy to understand once I got the rthym down. We made a neckwarmer out of chunky yarn (Reynolds Blizzard - alpaca soooo soft) that fastens with a pretty shawl pin or you could use a button of some sort. It is not perfect - but I think pretty good for never having done it before. It is basically a rectangle of single crochet.


Plus - check out the cool handmade glass shawl pin I indulged in (Christmas gift certificates are a beautful thing). They are handmade by a local artist, Linda Lawrence. They are sold in the LYS along with her buttons and knitting needles. Really cool - you can check them out here and here. She did a demo at the shop today using her buttons and felt cut into interesting shapes to make pins to put on bags or whatever your creativity desires.


You can't beat a project that's done in a few hours. Already started another one to put away for Christmas next year with a metal shawl pin that I ordered from ETSY. What a nice and relaxing Saturday. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow - Going in for the sweater bunch group to work on my Bacardi Cardigan for my Mom.


Rebecca said...

Your neck warmer looks so warm and cozy. I know how to crochet, but have never actually finished anything. I have a small bag that just needs a handle, you would think I could at least finish that and have one crochet project. ☺ The pin is beautiful. I'm glad you had a relaxing, fun day - you deserve one!

Dorothy said...

The neck warmer and the pin are both beautiful!