Friday, January 25, 2008

Sock Fun Continues - STR SPOILER ALERT


Wow - I have had a fun evening. I finished my Cookie A. Flicker socks from Blue Moon Socks that Rock in the Seal Rock colorway that I purchased at Rhinebeck last Fall. Thank goodness - I thought my wrists were going to give out with all the SSKs & K2togs. I'm really pleased with the final result - they fit really nicely and I can wear them to the LYS tomorrow. I'm going to learn how to crochet - mostly to help with finishing techniques for my knitting. Plus they are doing a glass button demo. Should be fun and relaxing.


I really enjoyed working with the STR in my Flickr Socks. Which is a good thing because my first Blue Moon Sock Club package arrived today. I was sooooo excited. It is really fun to get a package in the mail and have no idea (other than it is for socks) what has been created and sent just for the club members. So just another word of warning if you don't want to see the package - you should skip my blog today.

I was really impressed with all the materials that are included in the package....

Bumper sticker and buttons - Notorious Sock Knitters Bumper sticker + Swatch Me and Got Gauge? Buttons - really cute and funny

Emergency sock yarn key chain - so amusing. I'm not sure what to do with it but it is cute.

Materials to add to a binder: Dyer's notes on the 'story' behind the colorway, sock gauge diary (cool chart to keep track of the info as you create socks), sock club diary (chart to track information on each club project), measuring info for women, men and children's feet, Cheat Sheet to track sizes for family and friends, plus this month's pattern. The pattern is Serendipity by Adrienne Fong. A simple lace stitch pattern with a star toe - I think it will be beautiful with the yarn. The theme is the Chinese New Year. You can click the picture to see the colorway. I'll post the actual colors once I start knitting and it has been out for a bit - just in case. I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone in the club who hasn't received their package yet.
(by the way - I'm really proud of myself that I figured out how to black and white my photo, put text on it and link it to the real color photo)

I can't wait to cast on for these. It is making me excited to see the other clubs that I joined recently that both start in March ( Hill Country Yarn and Romantic Comedies Tvyarn Sock Club from White Oak Studio). I also started a basic easy carry around no brainer sock (can you tell I've been in sock mode lately) from some Hill Country Yarn Sweet Feet that I purchased from the Loopy Ewe:

Well - I'm off to bed it's getting late. Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully - I'll have some more knitty progress this weekend.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, that STR yarn is great - if I ever got any projects done I would be sad I didn't join. I haven't finished one pair of socks from yarn that I received last year - sad. Yours are looking great. I love that blue and brown!