Sunday, January 20, 2008

Socky Weekend

It has been a sock filled weekend. Since work is finally slowing down, I can once again focus on fun projects and knittiness. Last year - I gave in to my urges and joined the Blue Moon Socks that Rock 2008 sock club. The first installment is due out this month and I can't wait. The release of the new blog for the sock club is only enhancing my antsiness. It is that excitement that I'm blaming my weakness on. I joined another sock club this weekend. The Hill Country Yarns softly shaded sock club - I thought it might be a good compliment to STR, plus it is really reasonable - $60 total for 6 months (3 shipments) which includes yarn and a pattern.

I have been making progress on my flickr socks - I really love working with the STR and the pattern is enjoyable. It is a bit slow as the constant SSKs seem to bother my left shoulder and elbow.

I also finished the F.Pea Baby sweater for my brother. I just need to weave in the ends. I don't think I'm going to add the button and icord closure - I kind of like it open. Any opinions?

It's a cool free pattern - I just love the color changes on the outside.

I've also made some headway on the bacardi cardigan over the last few weeks. I split off for the sleeves and started working up the left front. A few more rows to go before I start the shoulder shaping. RY Cashsoft is absolutely amazing!

Since I'm feeling human and creative again - I think I'm going to attempt to get my craft room back under control and work on a new quilt this weekend. I have tomorrow off for the holiday so it should be fun. Have a good weekend and happy football everyone!


Jenni said...

Your bacardi looks awesome! Intimidating for me! I love that pattern and the colors you used!

The baby sweater is so cute. I like it open too...maybe just one button?

Rebecca said...

The barcardi is amazing...your mom is going to love it. I am pretty excited to have the day off tomorrow, although this semester is not even close to as busy as last semester. I don't seem to be getting more done, though. The socks look great. I keep seeing fabulous socks and I just want to knit some. I have boring ribbed socks that I need to finish first, plus a ton of other projects. I didn't join the sock club this year. I enjoyed the yarns, and was pretty pleased with most of the colors, but I just didn't really get that into it. I didn't follow the blog and such, just didn't have time, and that may have been part of it. Also, I figured I could just buy colors I really liked for less. The last two colorways almost changed my mind, though, they were great.