Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have made incredible quilty progress this weekend. I'm thrilled. My husband was away Friday and Saturday, the baby is a bit sick, but I still managed to complete a great deal of craftiness (house is a mess, but you can't have it all). It makes me happy to realize I can make time for the things I love to do - not everything, but enough to make me happy.

Friday - I made and sewed binding to 4 quilt projects (wall hangings to lap quilts).
100_0654 (binding done on this one)

Saturday/Sunday morning: I completed the binding on 1.5 quilts and started a baby quilt for a friend. I'm thrilled with the baby quilt - it's leftover blocks from another made into a totally different quilt with accent fabric left from one of A's baby quilts. I stitched in the ditch on my sewing machine. It went really well - though I definitely couldn't do anything larger than this. I'm not a fan of machine quilting - it frustrates me more than I find pleasure in it - straight stitching is OK though. I've been sending most of my quilts to a professional - it's faster and nicer looking on the larger ones. I do think the baby quilt turned out well and is perfect for the recipient (they love pink).


I learned a neat technique at the quilt festival, where you can easily get half-square triangles as an "extra". Typically, when creating squares that have triangles in the corner - you sew a smaller square (across the diagonal) to the larger (right sides together) and cut away the excess (then throw excess away). The teacher suggested sewing an additional line 1/2" to the right of your diagonal - which gives you your block, plus additional extra blocks that you can arrange as pinwheels (like my baby quilt) or as diamonds, rows of triangles for a border, etc. I couldn't figure out how to post a drawing - so I tried to give a general idea with the quilt itself:
example 1/2 squares

Dad came to visit last week and brought 2 of my quilts back from the machine quilter. They are for 2 of my nephews for Christmas - love them:

This one was sewn with Lizards...

And this one with Monkeys...

So cute!

A few last crafty items for your viewing pleasure.... (yes, I'm a dork)


Start of the Trellis and Vine Pullover from the Fall issue of Interweave:

Some sweater yarn from the Village Yarn and Loopy Ewe anniversary sales:
6 skeins of DIC Classy and Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran

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